Remarks of the Chairperson of Council at the visit of the Rotary International president Shekhar Metha

Remarks of the Chairperson of Council at the visit of the Rotary International president Shekhar Metha

  • The Rotary International President Shekhar Metha
  • The Vice-Chancellor Prof. Barnabas Nawangwe
  • Members of the University Management,
  • Governors Districts 9213 & 9214 (Uganda &Tanzania),
  • The Rotary Peace Center Advisory Board,
  • Rotarians here present.
  • Esteemed staff and Faculty,
  • Ladies and Gentlemen

I warmly welcome you to Makerere University, especially the President of Rotary International, H.E. Shekhar Mehta. We are here today under the auspices of the Makerere Rotary Peace Center. As we have heard, the Makerere Rotary Peace Center is the only Center on the African continent.

I thank and commend Rotary International for the partnership under which the Peace Centre was established. Choosing to house the Centre at Makerere University expresses Rotary International’s trust and confidence in Makerere University. Thank you for the funding that has helped set up the multi-media room where we are meeting today.

I thank Rotary Uganda, for I know our Rotarians played a crucial role in having this Centre hosted in Uganda. I would like to especially thank the Past District Governor, Mr. Emmanuel Katongole, and the team for the gesture of support with the Peace Concert. I have been informed that the Peace Concert helped to mobilize endowment funds for the Peace Center, which will help sustain the Center.

I extend special gratitude to the Rotary Clubs of Canada for setting up the endowment fund for the Peace Center CAPSTONE week activities where Fellows will present their social initiatives. These initiatives will showcase how the Rotary Peace Center contributes to positive peace initiatives all over the world.

As we all can appreciate, peace is a prerequisite for socio-economic development—any meaningful transformation and improvement of people’s lives necessitates a peaceful environment. Therefore, any investment in peacebuilding is a foundation-building cause for the greater good.

Universities must play their role by researching the ever-shifting dynamics of conflict and training the human resources needed to foster dialogue and peace. We expect these outputs from the Makerere Rotary Peace Centre, and I am confident the Centre will perform with distinction.

In closing, I would like to thank the management of Makerere University for the support and execution of the MoU between Rotary International and Makerere University. The Vice-Chancellor set up a strong advisory Board whose members have continued to commit to growing the Center.

Your Excellency Shekhar Mehta and First Lady Rashi, Ladies and Gentlemen, our university’s motto is to Build for the Future. We seek a future of peace at all levels. I know the Rotary Peace Centre will contribute directly to this goal and, therefore, to our motto.

I look forward to continued collaboration with Rotary International as we Build for the Future.

Thank you very much.